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Who we are?

AIMS is a company which is involved in providing business solutions for many years in Bangladesh. The team has wide experience of developing ERP Solutions for different market verticals in Bangladesh. AIMS is a leading preferred business partner of DreamApps. DreamApps is a leading ERP Solutions marketed in different countries like, Singapore, Malaysia, U. S. A., Philippines and Bangladesh. AIMS is also associated with different IT companies to provide IT Enabled services in Bangladesh.

AIMS Team:

The team comprises of people who have been involved in developing Customizable ERP Solutions to different national and multi-national companies in Bangladesh for many years.

Kazi Golam Farook

Kazi Golam Farook is involved in developing ERP Solution market in Bangladesh for more than two decades. He has jointly founded Open Sesame Bangladesh in collaboration with Open Sesame Singapore in 1991. He has been involved popularizing Customizable ERP Solution in Bangladesh and had played a significant role to provide ERP Solutions to many national and multi-national leading companies. He also played a leading role to develop different products using DreamApps for different market verticals and established DreamApps market from year 2003.

S. M. Ershadul Khabir

S. M. Ershadul Khabir is an entrepreneur and has two decades of experience to manage manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. He has in-depth knowledge of production processes and management. Apart from these he is knowledgeable in computer networking, business process re-engineering and automation. His wide experience is enabling AIMS to designing manufacturing processes for different market verticals.

Md. Iqbal Baksh

Md. Iqbal Baksh has more than 20 years of experience and been involved with DreamApps core development team in delivering DreamApps line of products. He has experience working with DreamApps in countries like Malaysia and Singapore.

Abdul Mueed

Abdul Mueed is involved with DreamApps core development team for more than 10 years. He has experience working with DreamApps in countries like Malaysia and Singapore.

A.N.M. Sadiqur Rahman

A.N.M. Sadiqur Rahman has more than 5 years of experience of developing and customizing DreamApps line of products in Bangladesh. He has been successful in implementing and managing ERP projects.


  1. DreamApps ERP
  2. Cloud based ERP
  3. Apps based SME Solutions
  4. Consultancy
  5. IT related services
  6. Outsourcing

Technical Associates

  1. DreamApps U.S.
  2. One-ict Singapore
  3. Method Apparels India
  4. nCinga Sri Lanka
  5. BJIT Bangladesh