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Aims is a US based company started its first operation in Singapore way back in 1988. After starting operation, as the days go on, it has become stronger and wider with its network and branches in several countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, and of course in our country. Aims has been successfully serving this South East Asian market for last 14 years with their conventional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) products.

Making Technology Work For You

Right from the very beginning, Aims has adopted state-of-the-art technology and has always tried to be very updated and come up with the most advanced technology, the world runs on. Aims believes to be always with the leading technology and as a result DreamApps is developed fully with pure JAVA and using PROMPT (Persistent Resource based Object Management using Parameterized Templates) Technology, which is going to offer the small, medium and higher ranges of enterprises to use a futuristic product DreamApps, at most affordable and competitive price.

We Ensure Quality

Aims Bangladesh has started its operation since 1991 as an associate company to sale Aims Products, as well as a Product development center. From inception till today Aims has engaged itself with many nations and multinational companies, to name a few are, Singer Bangladesh, Reckitt Benckiser, James Finley, Coca Cola , National Bank, SMC , Shena Kalyan Shangstha, Youth Group, Abdul Monem Ltd, KDS Group , J.K. Fabrics, Scholastica Group… .. and so on. Hopefully with a lot of dedication, hard work and efficiency, we are now country's one of the leading software house, still maintain a humble profile though.